Todd will be going to Mount Holly Farmers Market this Saturday, May 14, 2011 from 8am – 12pm.  It’s the first Saturday of the season and we can’t wait. I will be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market this Saturday from 8am – 12pm.  We did get a spot last week and we hope to continue to get a spot there every Saturday. Here’s what we’ll have at the markets. Butterhead Lettuce ~ $3 or 2/$5 Romaine Lettuce ~ $3 or 2/$5 Hakurei Salad Turnips ~ $2 per bunch Rainbow Swiss Chard ~ $3 per bunch Snow Peas ~ $4 per 1/2 lb Green OnionsRead More →

We went to the farmers market this past Saturday for our usual real food shopping trip. We didn’t buy hardly anything because, frankly, we didn’t have the money to. I bought a pastured chicken (around 4 lb.) and a pack of chicken livers. The only other thing we bought was two cranberry muffins and two cheese danishes from the bakery there. My son loves getting a muffin every time we go to the market so, of course, I always let him get one. And this time we also had to get another muffin for my nephew who was back at the farm with his grandmother.Read More →

We started the sample menu plan from this past weekend.  Actually, I made one of the dinners.  That’s as far as I’ve gotten with using the menu plan.  The chicken chili was pretty good.  I’m not that big into beans, so next time I’ll leave them out all together or just have a very small amount in it.  Go here to get the Chicken Chili recipe on page 2. This was a little challenging for me.  I mean, I haven’t really cooked alot in my life.  Yes, I can follow directions on a recipe.  But it is definitely different when you have to planRead More →

Well, this week has been just crazy.  We haven’t been eating like we should that’s for sure.  We had no power starting Monday night due to the storm that came through but it was turned back on Tuesday night around 9pm. I was at work all day Tuesday so it didn’t affect me too much.  It did however affect Todd and the children.  Instead of cooking something for lunch, I picked up some nasty fast food.  But the good part is that we did eat scrumptously delicious free range eggs and uncured not smoked bacon from pastured pigs Tuesday evening for supper.  I have neverRead More →

The farmers market is getting pretty crowded these days. This past Saturday, we made our weekly trip over to the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market aka the Yorkmont Market. We bought some really good local veggies and pastured meats. Our bounty from the market is listed below. Two 1/2 lb. bags of Kale – $5 –  Little Bit of Heaven Farm 1 dozen Soy free Eggs – $4 – Glencora Farm 1 lb. fresh bacon – uncured and not smoked – $5 – A Way of Life Farm 1 lb. fresh ground beef (grass-fed) – $5 – Underwood Family Farm I definitely need to sit downRead More →

Todd and I always talk about changing our eating habits.  And sometimes we actually eat the right things and buy the right foods.  But we never seem to stick with it.  It always seems that we don’t have enough time or money to eat this way.  Well, that’s all about to change. This year we want to change the way we eat entirely.  It’s so easy for us to talk about how we should be eating but we really want to start walking the walk so to speak.  We are going to blog about our journey along the way to transforming the way we eatRead More →