Where Can I Find Raw Milk?

Guernsey Girl Creamery - Raw Milk Not For Human Consumption

Raw Milk is not always easy to find especially in North Carolina.  I remember having a very hard time finding it when I first started looking.  It wasn’t openly discussed.  Farmers are nervous about advertising it sometimes.  And some farmers aren’t, thankfully.  Farmers in North Carolina have to sell it for Pet Consumption Only.  Here are a few farms in my area that openly sell it.  I found the info on their Facebook pages where anyone can find it.  

The reason I’m posting this today is that I had someone contact me today asking if I knew where they might be able to buy some raw milk whether it be goat milk or cow milk. And I wanted to post it somewhere so that more people could hopefully come across this info.  I’m listing the few farms that I know of down below.  If you know of a place that is not on this list.  Please post them in the comments.  It would greatly help spread the word.

Most of these farms offer more than just milk. You can contact them directly to find out what other products they may have.

Again, all the farms listed below sell their milk for PET CONSUMPTION ONLY.

Guernsey Girl Creamery – Shelby, NC – raw cow milk
C-Saw Hill Farm – Rutherfordton, NC – raw cow milk
Underwood Family Farm – Lawndale, NC – raw cow milk – organic certified
–sells at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market on Saturdays
Laurel Hill Farm & Preserve – Spencer Mountain, NC just east of Dallas, NC – raw goat milk, goat milk kefir and chèvre
Spellcast Farm – Vale, NC – raw goat milk
The goats are certified Animal Welfare Approved and on pasture (grass-fed) 24/7. They are fed grain on the milk stand and this grain is mostly locally grown and contains no corn, soy or to her knowledge, GMO-feed. The hay they eat is organic. She doesn’t bottle feed her kids preferring to leave them on their mothers as nature intended so milk is only available by scheduling a few days in advance.




  1. Glad to see that, at least, 4 farmers offer Raw Milk. We buy delicious milk from Underwood Farms at the Regional Farmer’s Market in Charlotte.
    Please support these farmers!

    1. Author

      That’s great that you offer these products and you are in the area. I will add your info to the post. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. We are a small farm in Liberty, NC and we provide fresh raw (pet milk) and other products! Is there a way we could be added to your list??


    1. I have been looking for raw milk for my family.
      I assume if it is safe for animals, it’s safe for human consumption? blink twice for yes?
      seriously. Thank you so much!

  3. Asheville, NC – contact NourishingFoodConnection.com
    ‘Cow shares’ available from certified Jersey cows totally grass-fed producing A2 milk.

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