We’ve been so busy on the farm this winter.  We had our second child at the end of January and there were many many sleepless nights to go along with our new son Levi.  It’s honestly so exhausting those first weeks getting adjusted.  But honestly, they are so totally worth it.  Here’s some pictures of our two children, baby Levi and big brother Riley. As for the farm, we’ve been starting seed and transplanting since late February things like swiss chard, broccoli, spinach, arugula, radishes, turnips, snow peas, spring onions, lettuce, and lettuce mix.  I don’t have any pictures of where we have these inRead More →

This summer has been so trying on our faith.  I say this because like you, we had hoped and prayed for an abundance of vegetables to feed our CSA members and ourselves.  But that didn’t come.  Or at least with the summer vegetables it didn’t.  And, we’ve been reminded these past few weeks that just because we are praying for an abundance doesn’t mean God will grant that to us.  He supplies us with what we need, Not what we want.  That is so hard to cope with sometimes.  Also, in times like this, He draws us near to strengthen us in our faith.  GodRead More →

I had hoped to get this newsletter out last Friday morning, but that of course didn’t happen.  I quickly realized that I wasn’t going to be able to finish the newsletter and harvest everything for the CSA.  Well, I just want to let all of the members know that this isn’t going to happen again, hopefully.  From now on I will have the newsletter completed and sent to your inbox by Thursday evening.  I was at the Tailgate Market Saturday and my wife was at the Belmont Fresh Market.  We had a few radishes and fresh free ranged eggs to sell at the Belmont FreshRead More →

Even though the market has closed until the spring, that doesn’t change the fact that free range fresh eggs are still in demand and the hens still lay eggs all  year long.  So, if you would like fresh eggs, please give us a call at 704-813-9283 or email us at todd@shadycreekfarmandnursery.com. We will be more than happy to deliver some fresh eggs to you.Read More →

I hope we didn’t miss too many customers today at the Charlotte Tailgate Market.  We tried getting to the market but due to the marathon that was taking place, all roads leading to the market were blocked. We will be at the Market next Saturday, December 20, 2008. If anyone needs any eggs or pecans before next Saturday, we do have them available here at the farm.  Please call before you come to make sure we still have them available and are not sold out.Read More →

The new year is almost upon us and we’ve been very busy at the farm getting ready for next season.  We are happy to announce that we are currently taking applications for the 2009 CSA Program.  One share will cost $550 which if broken down, comes out to roughly $21 per week.  The 2009 CSA program runs for 26 weeks starting in April.  The start date is not set in stone.  Weather conditions and other factors not within our control may delay the first harvests.  Please click on the Our CSA Program link to the right to learn more about our CSA.  We have threeRead More →

I’ve learned many things in my first year of farming for a living.  However I feel the most important has been to not trust store bought soil tests.  In fact because I did trust a store bought soil test nothing has grown in our main field. I began noticing around the first of June that everything in our main field was growing very slowly.  It was like all of the plants were stunted.  So, I sent soil samples to NC State for testing.  Turns out that the pH in the field was way too low.  So, that has to be adjusted before the majority ofRead More →