We have now updated our website for you to be able to subscribe to our newsletter. We will hopefully be sending a newsletter out once a month. Once the CSA gets started, we’ll be sending a newsletter out once a week. The monthly newsletter will contain farm news and updates. The weekly newsletter which coincides with the start of the CSA will contain CSA share items, recipes, markets we’ll be attending, and produce that will be available.Read More →

I hope we didn’t miss too many customers today at the Charlotte Tailgate Market.  We tried getting to the market but due to the marathon that was taking place, all roads leading to the market were blocked. We will be at the Market next Saturday, December 20, 2008. If anyone needs any eggs or pecans before next Saturday, we do have them available here at the farm.  Please call before you come to make sure we still have them available and are not sold out.Read More →

Several people have been interested in half shares, therefore we have decided to make them available to everyone who doesn’t want a full share worth of vegetables.  The cost for a half share will be $225 (plus $50 deposit) and you will receive around $10 worth of vegetables every week for 26 weeks starting in April, which is half the amount of the full share.  We will put a little more than $10 worth in it.  Just like we’ll be putting a little more than $20 worth in the full share. We are still taking applications for our 2009 CSA program.  If you have anyRead More →

It seems like it keeps getting colder and colder every week.  Well, it seems like it to me anyways.  Last Saturday was really cold at the Charlotte Tailgate Market.  I want to thank everyone who came out and supported us at the market.  It was our first time at the Tailgate market.  I’ve read where other farmers really feel like they have a community that cares about the local farmers and I got that feeling this past Saturday.  It was truly satisfying to see all these people care about what they put into their bodies and about how their food was raised and produced.  Also,Read More →

I am so happy to announce that we are going to be a vendor at the Charlotte Tailgate Market for their Christmas market.  The dates are December 6, 13, and 20.  We will be selling our fresh free range eggs, unshelled pecans, and goats milk soap.  We are looking forward to this new market and hope to see everyone there supporting local farms and crafters.  We are truly grateful that this market is for local farmers. We will also be at the Charlotte Tailgate market in the 2009 season.  The Charlotte Tailgate Market will be one of our pick up locations for our 2009 CSARead More →

The new year is almost upon us and we’ve been very busy at the farm getting ready for next season.  We are happy to announce that we are currently taking applications for the 2009 CSA Program.  One share will cost $550 which if broken down, comes out to roughly $21 per week.  The 2009 CSA program runs for 26 weeks starting in April.  The start date is not set in stone.  Weather conditions and other factors not within our control may delay the first harvests.  Please click on the Our CSA Program link to the right to learn more about our CSA.  We have threeRead More →

Cotton Ginning Days is an annual festival held at the Gaston County Park in Dallas, NC. Cotton Ginning Days showcases Gaston County’s agricultural and industrial heritage. Exhibitors from all over the southeast will be there to show off their tractors, steam and gasoline engines. One of the highlights of Cotton Ginning Days will be the operational 1900 single-stand, Continental Cotton Gin. If you are able to make it to the festival you definitely can’t miss seeing the gin in full operation. The “Heritage Arts Area” will include demonstrations of goat milking, blacksmithing, basket making, spinning, chair caning, and more. There is also an Arts andRead More →

We will be offering Free Range Pastured eggs soon.  Hopefully by the middle of September.  We will hopefully have around 30 Dozen available per week.  If you would like to be notified when the first eggs become available send us an email at todd@shadycreekfarmandnursery.com. A bit about our chickens: Our chickens are Rhode Island Reds.  They are prolific layers of brown eggs.  They have been ranging on our pasture eating grass and scratching in the dirt, the way chickens are supposed to live.  They have free access to green grass, water, and feed (non medicated of course!)Read More →

I’ve learned many things in my first year of farming for a living.  However I feel the most important has been to not trust store bought soil tests.  In fact because I did trust a store bought soil test nothing has grown in our main field. I began noticing around the first of June that everything in our main field was growing very slowly.  It was like all of the plants were stunted.  So, I sent soil samples to NC State for testing.  Turns out that the pH in the field was way too low.  So, that has to be adjusted before the majority ofRead More →

Unfortunately we will not be at the Belmont Fresh Market on Saturday June 14th.  The recent heat wave has been really tough on our cool weather crops causing most of them to bolt and go to seed.  We hope to return next Saturday with a few of our summer crops.   thanks,  Todd CausbyRead More →