We are now also accepting half shares into our 2009 CSA program as I mentioned on the previous post.  I did leave out a few details.  The cost per half share is $225 plus $50 deposit.  That is half the cost of a full share and half of the deposit.  If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.  I have not updated the application as of yet.  I will be updating it shortly.  If you would like to buy a half share, please just write it on the application if it isn’t updated at that time.Read More →

Several people have been interested in half shares, therefore we have decided to make them available to everyone who doesn’t want a full share worth of vegetables.  The cost for a half share will be $225 (plus $50 deposit) and you will receive around $10 worth of vegetables every week for 26 weeks starting in April, which is half the amount of the full share.  We will put a little more than $10 worth in it.  Just like we’ll be putting a little more than $20 worth in the full share. We are still taking applications for our 2009 CSA program.  If you have anyRead More →