Sweet potatoes are so delicious and sweet, even without all the sugar.  It really makes it interesting when you get to choose from all the different colors that are available today.  Maybe they aren’t available in most grocery stores but you can definitely find different colors at the farmers markets and possibly at healthy grocery stores such as Whole Foods and EarthFare. I have fallen in love with the many different varieties of sweet potatoes.  It’s so neat to see and taste the difference. Todd and I were lucky enough to find a small farmer in our area that grows the varieties ofRead More →

CSA Starts soon but………. Later than expected!! Our first CSA pick up date has been pushed back one more week to May 9, 2009. This past week has been crazy on the farm.  We finally received the break we needed to get things planted.  It has been very hard this year to follow my planting schedule due to the wet weather.  I missed many of my planting dates.  Now that the weather has stabilized a bit, I have been able to finally get things back on schedule as much as possible.  I do still worry that because of the wet early spring and not beingRead More →