Where We’ve Been

I’ve learned many things in my first year of farming for a living.  However I feel the most important has been to not trust store bought soil tests.  In fact because I did trust a store bought soil test nothing has grown in our main field.

I began noticing around the first of June that everything in our main field was growing very slowly.  It was like all of the plants were stunted.  So, I sent soil samples to NC State for testing.  Turns out that the pH in the field was way too low.  So, that has to be adjusted before the majority of crops that I plant will grow properly.  Thankfully the field that I am using for the fall wasn’t as low and I will be able to have a nice fall crop of cabbage, lettuce, greens, beans, broccoli, and a few other crops.

Just wanted to let everyone know why we haven’t been at the market.  Thanks for all of the Support.

Your Farmer



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